INNOV8 conference: Will robots take your job? Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

Nov 13, 2017, autor Kaja

11:20 – 12:20
Will robots take your job? Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

Most recent economic studies indicate that we are in the early stages of a radical transformation of the economy and employment due to technological innovation, automation, and the wider impact of AI. These developments offer enormous opportunities and also great challenges, with recent analysis arguing that 47 per cent of existing jobs stand to be automated in the coming decades.

How can the EU enable firms to be at the forefront of these innovations? How can we ensure the emergence of a flexible and dynamic workforce, especially at the bottom of the income spectrum? What challenges does automation present to the Single Market and social Europe? Will new technology bring better products and services at lower cost and, as Marx and Keynes hoped, free up time to do more important and meaningful things?


Lydia Wålsten, Director of Communications, Timbro


Bjoern Juretzki, Assistant to the Director, DG CONNECT of the European Commission

Kaja Kallas MEP, ALDE

Ieva Martinkenaite, Vice President Telenor Research, Telenor Group

Mathias Sundin MP, Member of the Swedish Parliament