Axcel Company Day: How should Europe respond to the tech titans?

Apr 06, 2018, autor Kaja

13.30-14.00 Registration
14.00-14.30 Welcome and Axcel update
Christian Frigast and Christian Schmidt-Jacobsen, Axcel
14.30-15.20 How global e-commerce will transform the retail business Porter Erisman, author and former Alibaba executive
15.20-15.50 Break
15.50-17.00 Strategies for European consumer brands
Anders Colding Friis, CEO, Pandora
Kasper Rørsted, CEO, Adidas
Kai Wärn, CEO, Husqvarna
Dr Antonella Mei-Pochtler, Senior Advisor, BCG
17.00-17.50 How should Europe respond to the tech titans?
Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director General, DIGITALEUROPE
Prof. Christian Schultz, University of Copenhagen
Gerard de Graaf, Director, Digital Economy & Coordination, European Commission
Kaja Kallas, MEP and Vice-Chairman of the EstonianReform Party
Matt Stoller, Fellow at the Open Markets Institute
17.50-18.00 Special event
18.00-21.00 Informal stand-up dinner