5th Annual European Cyber Security Conference

Nov 13, 2017, autor Kaja

15:40 – 17:00 Cyber security in the age of Digital Transformation – Securing the
Industrial Internet and the Critical Infrastructure

This session will discuss the main security challenges and opportunities faced by
industries – including critical infrastructure operators – who are undergoing digital
transformation, and becoming increasingly reliant on connectivity as operations become
more data driven.

While digitisation will undoubtedly result in more efficient operations across the majority
of industries, a greater number of connected devices, sensors and automated systems
will create huge amount of data and ultimately stretch the ‘attack surface’. What can be
done to develop the highest level of cyber security standards in smart industries? How
will the review of the NIS directive respond to the specific security challenges emerging
from the digitisation of industry and the security requirements for 5G networks? With
every devices being a point of entry into the network, what are the security implications
of an expanding Internet of Things, and what are the latest developments in IoT security?
What are the main challenges in deploying security solutions for resilient critical
infrastructure and industrial control systems so that they maintain their critical role in
supporting key sectors? What differences and similarities are there among the security
requirements for various sectors and applications?