177th meeting of the European Committee of the Regions Bureau

Nov 13, 2017, autor Kaja

First session:

Public sector innovation : “Challenges and way forward for the EU”

Public sector innovation is driven at the same time by the digital revolution and a strong public demand. The public sector innovation cannot remain a label but requires a new vision and  concrete political and financial commitments in the ever changing digital landscape and growing demands for flexibility, accompanied by serious concerns about privacy and safety of the data. The European Union should play a role of driver in this process, as a change agent, processes facilitator and at times as intiator of source of funding.  Projecting on the future, the EU should be seen as a leader of the changes to come, taking benefit of the global networks.This session will allow the CoR Members to exchange with the representatives of the European institutions and leading experts about the role of the European Union in supporting the public sector innovation

Statement by:

Kaja Kallas, Member of the European Parliamnet, Rapporteur on “Towards a digital Single Market Act”