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Gabriel confirmed as new EU digital chief
The 15 go-to Estonians in Brussels who will drive their country’s EU presidency

Digital skills: who is being left behind?
Kallas: We’re ‘a very small bit closer’ to a digital single market
The Brief: Margrethe Vestager’s Googlewhack Adventure
Gabriel breezes through cozy hearing on way to top EU digital job

Estonia, the land of digital natives
Propaganda’s New Goals: Create Confusion, Sow Doubt
Social media can be a pretty ugly place if you’re a woman in politics

Estonia’s Let’s Do It! civic cleanup initiative to receive European award
Gabriel breezes through cozy hearing on way to top EU digital job
What happened to the Energy Union?

MEPs welcome Dutch Senate’s ratification of EU-Ukraine agreement
EU telecom watchdog plan dead on arrival
MEPs remove prosecution immunity from Marine Le Pen

Parliament pushes encryption safeguards in e-Privacy Regulation
Estonian MP: EU cannot back down from Russia sanctions
The tax shortfall of the robots
EU must demand a say in Syria negotiations

Liberal MEPs block alliance with anti-euro Grillo

Digitalisation takes centre stage at Brussels energy forum
Digitalisation: challenges and opportunities for the world of work
What the EU27 wants from Brexit
EU energy union: No ‘one-size-fits-all’ – but technology can help

Taxation of robots
Parliament adopts Creative Europe Report
MEPs warn against robot revolt

Reform’s new leadership elects Kallas, Ligi, Paet as deputy chairmen
Reform Party elects new leadership, former EU commissioner Kallas leads votes
Kallas: Reform Party should turn back towards liberal values

Kaja Kallas: Digital Single Market Strategy Creates New Opportunities for Everyone

Pevkur talking to Siim and Kaja Kallas, Jurgen Ligi about vice chair jobs
Discussion with MEP Kaja Kallas: Advanced Mobile Location and more
Robots on the production line: How can Europe keep up?

Kaja Kallas: It’s time to start thinking about working with robots – not fear them
A day in the life of MEP Kaja Kallas
Parliament committee flouts Commission’s TV law

Kaja Kallas nixes plan to run for mayor of Tallinn
Kaja Kallas: Rõivas should not resign

Unleashing the sharing economy
Kaja Kallas is building her own brand in Brussels
MEPs criticize telecoms proposal for lack of money, 5G solutions
‘Robots are leaving the cage’, dazzling EU lawyers and regulators

Treating robots like electronic people is a bad idea
Friction over EU rules for online and traditional shopping

MEP proposes a pan-European tax solution for online sales
Should the European Parliament call time on its Written Declarations procedure?
Sign here: Electronic signatures regulation kicks off
Commission wants to welcome the sharing economy with open arms

Brussels takes slow road to tech future
Commission’s digital day of reckoning
The 40 MEPs who actually matter
Politico names Estonian Kaja Kallas one of 40 MEPs “who actually matter”

Commission’s digital single market turns one and has a big seven months ahead
Parliamentary committee concerned about virtual currencies
Digital single market plans: EU politicos demand action from slack lawmakers

Single market strategy should be more digital, MEPs say
The key is to look into the future, rather than be stuck in the past: our interview with Kaja Kallas

MEPs delay vote on €3 million limousine plan
Why I’m not convinced a European Innovation Council will work

OSCE/ODIHR event at the European Parliament highlights importance of ethical standards in enhancing public trust in democratic institutions
Confront Europe’s Fear of the New. Make Room for Digital Innovation.
Social media improve career prospects for young Europeans

Ukrainian cyber attack highlights grid vulnerabilities
EU parliament accelerates Digital Single Market
MEP: Hungarian taxi demo could backfire

Kaja Kallas: DSM strategy should keep away from digital protectionism
Kaja Kallas: Digital Single Market ‘is all about time’

What will the year 2016 bring?

Boost digital single market with apps and stop geo-blocking, say MEPs
Baltic-Europe power link under threat as Poland plans to pull plug on synchronization project
Tony G challenges Justin Trudeau to a game of poker after he says Baltics don’t exist
Estonian MEP accuses Poland of breaking energy-solidarity with the Baltics
MEPs unite behind ‘pro-Uber’ report

Hands off! The next generation of the Internet is here
MEP Kaja Kallas: In politics, like marketing, you need a boost
The ‘Eureaucracy’ on alert

Robotics set to generate new jobs
Telecoms key to completing digital single market
Visiting US Congress – Privacy and patriotism
Baltics threaten to unplug Russian region

Let’s celebrate failure in Europe!
How to assess an M(E)P
The European Digital Bank Plan: It’s Official!
MEP Kallas: Adopting EFSI good opportunity for Baltic grids

Ansip denies ‘rumours’ of encryption backdoors in EU’s digital plan
Guy Verhofstadt and Kaja Kallas: Europe should not fear Uber
How the merging app economy can make Europe stronger
The wrong suspect: A debate about platform neutrality finds little evidence of consumer harm

Digital single market legislation ‘struggling to keep up with innovation’

Press releases

Robotics and AI: Parliament misses opportunity to propose a forward- looking and pro innovation EU policy

Digital Single Market: ALDE Group welcomes European Commission’s reform packages
Sharing economy: Liberals and Democrats welcome European Commission’s positive approach

Breaking down barriers: giving consumers equal access to online products
Cutting energy bills: Liberals and Democrats push for a “New Deal” for consumers
European Commission’s digital package: A step forward towards the completion of the European Digital Single Market

Stop geo-blocking and boost e-commerce and digital innovation, says Parliament
MEPs push for completion of EU’s digital single market

Boost digital single market with apps and stop geo-blocking, say MEPs
MEPs show strong support for digital innovation in Europe and demand the completion of the Digital single market

No place for geo-blocking in Europe say ALDE
Illegal Price Discrimination Practices in Europe must stop
Russia: EU shows its commitment to Ukraine by extending sanctions
EP urges Russian Federation to release all illegally detained citizens and respect international law
EU must stop punishing digital innovation
Digital Single Market: Lack of urgency risks jobs
Europe should not fear the likes of Uber
ALDE strongly supports Ukraine Association agreement but deplores delays in implementation


Via Europa: debate on historical remembrance (starts at 26.44)
France24: Robots: The workers of tomorrow?

Regional Voices: Does Europe need Ukraine?
Regional Voices: Ukraine-EU relations
Regioanl Voices: Prospects of Ukraine-EU relations

Euractiv: Free flow of data in industry: The end of trade secrets?
Save the link
Paxman in Brussels: Who Really Rules Us – BBC Documentary 2016
The European Parliament and the Digital Revolution

Youth and Social Media. Politico Panel Debate
Make the digital single market a reality, end geo-blocking
Towards a Digital Single Market Act: extracts from the vote
Towards a Digital Single Market Act: extracts from the debate

What about your neighbour? A talkshow about the relations between Estonia and Findland (starts at 21.40)
MEPs give humorous response to Canada’s PM who said Baltics “are not a thing”

What is a platform? Interview with Kaja Kallas. CEPS event
What is a platform? Centre for European Policy Studies’ event
Speech by Kaja Kallas. Wider Spectrum Group Conference
How Russia uses the internet for propaganda and surveillance. ALDE event

«The pen is mightier than the sword» – EU’s propaganda fight
Kaja Kallas addresses bankers on digital banking

Kaja Kallas MEP – Youth Mobility – Bougez, Faites le choix de la mobilité !
Citizens’ Corner debate on Europe’s anti-discrimination law: Closer to failure or adoption?
Propelling Europe Forward. Highlights